Invasive Interventions in Intensive Care 2019

An interactive masterclass in anatomy and hands-on training for invasive interventions and advanced airway management

Welcome to the only course in New Zealand providing an in-depth training of invasive interventions for intensive care and advanced airway management in a realistic cadaver lab environment.

This two-day workshop is jointly run by the Department of Surgical Sciences – Section of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care, and the Department of Anatomy, University of Otago.

Participants will be provided with the unique opportunity to practice invasive interventions and to train their dexterity, problem-solving and team-working skills. This in-depth training will be facilitated using Thiel-embalmed human tissues with life-like haptic and optical properties as in real patients.

The Department of Anatomy provides a unique environment with operation-theatre-like facilities, and an encompassing collection of prosections and plastinates enhancing the learning experience.

Suitable for trainees and experienced practitioners in Intensive Care, Emergency Medicine, Anaesthesia and Rural Hospital Medicine, participants will learn in small groups with only four participants per cadaver and instructor. The sessions will be supplemented by focused tutorials on the relevant topographic anatomy.

Registration deadline: 27 September 2019

Contact and registration: Dr Yusuf Cakmak

See flyer for details